Lauderdale Afternoon

IMG_1255                    IMG_1251

Last Friday, I indulged in a mini break from a long day by visiting a new restaurant for lunch. Lauderdale.

Around the corner from Roppongi Hills, Lauderdale is worth a lunch visit. Around 1:30 on a Friday afternoon, nearly all of the customers were young and female. Small groups and pairs sat in the clean, colorfully decorated main room. I took a seat by the window, excited for everything to stop and just live in the moment: lunch!The blue tiles on

the wall in front of me took me back to my family adventures to Greece. I have always loved Greek mythology and the idea of Greece we grow up with, but actually visiting the country was eye-opening and exciting.

I had a difficult time deciding between the grilled chicken salad lunch or the falafel sandwich lunch. I went with the former – it’s hard to pass up on a good salad in Japan, where the most common salad base is cabbage. We all know cabbage does not a good salad make. Once I had sufficiently aggravated the waitress with my indecision, I settled down to write and make time for my food to arrive.

First up, corn soup. Warm, creamy, tasty. Next, the main course. The salad itself, though lightly dressed, was rather plain. The chicken, on the other hand, was delicious. I’m not sure what was on it, some lemony pepper dressing? Good thinking. The bread that accompanied it, a small serving of french baguette, was also very good. My regards to the chef. The coffee that ended my meal was just how I like it. Hot and not too bitter. Ah, breath of satisfaction.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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