From Ginko to Santa

I can’t get enough of the change of seasons. I would apologize for my frantic posting, but why? If anything, this is the season for sharing. So I shall share!

Let’s get started with my show and tell, eh?

The end of November and commencement of December combine into the craziest time of year. The late middle of December may actually be the craziest time of year – all that frantic last minute shopping — but it’s the beginning that brings a change in air. Yes, it’s colder. But the underlying notes of an approaching winter are scented with cinnamon, gingerbread, and the fruitiness of wine. Even the sounds become more lively – animals scurrying to collect food before a long winter’s nap, children’s excited voices as they talk about winter activities, and the swoosh of leaves falling, soon to be replaced by the silence of snow. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I am not a fan of coldness. Let’s just throw that out there. Yet I cannot help loving a crisp winter day or the first fall of snow. My inner child will never let me forget the promise of a fun-filled winter day: warm soup, sledding, hot

chocolate, colorful mittens, and the warmth of home at the end of the day. Watching my red nose thaw out puts Rudolph’s to shame yet I wouldn’t trade my four seasons for anything.

Here in Tokyo, this time boasts both the promise of the holidays AND the final beauty of fall. From ginko leaves to Santa, there are many natural and man-made displays to be enjoyed in these last moments before all colorful traces of autumn subside into winter’s white.

The autumn gallery has a few of my favorite visuals from the last few days. The vibrant golds of Hiyoshi Campus make me happy to come to school every morning. Another memorable view was on Saturday at the Tokyo Susan G Komen Run for the Cure 10k around Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace. It was my final run for the season, as there is only so much you should do on a fractured foot, but it was 100% worth every step. After all, if someone can suffer and prevail through cancer, surely I can run on a stress fracture. I’m happy I was able to support such an important cause.


And then the transition begins into Christmas. Lo and behold, it is inevitable you will encounter something holiday related in any direction. Happiness!


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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