How Pinterest Made Me a Better Cook

Well, not yet.

But wasn’t that a happier title than “How Pinterest Motivates Me to Be a Better Cook By Providing Enticing, Tantalizing Pictures That Make Me Drool with Excitement Until I Must Conquer My Fears and Conquer the Kitchen Beast?”

I thought so.

There were other variations, but I settled with the one that best proves my point. Regardless, the point is: seeing the amazing things that can be accomplished in a kitchen through Pinterest postings is hopefully making me a better chef. Or at the very least it’s motivating me to try a little harder. And so, in due time, I assume this will make me a better cook simply by the saying, Practice makes perfect.

Thank you Pinterest!

You are both the reason for my disregarding lectures in school and for simultaneously working toward a skill I have endlessly longed for. (And you’ve also worsened my food-porn addiction, but that is a whole other story…)



6 thoughts on “How Pinterest Made Me a Better Cook

  1. Hi Nadia. I am loving your blog.
    I’ve recently made a blog for my travels in Japan.
    I want to make a banner that represents me/my passion for Japan, Like yours that has a drawing of you, Tokyodoll and the flowers, it’s great.
    What program did you use to make it? I’ve never done anything like it. Hope you can help me, I’d really appreciate your help 🙂
    Thanks xo

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