Winter’s Coming! Chilly Morning Breakfast

Chilly mornings always represented two things: wanting to snuggle deeper into a warm cave of down comforters and warm breakfast. Now my mornings have taken on new meanings, some rather surprising (coziness in a onesie), but most importantly, the customization of breakfast for daily novelty and everlasting warmth. Chilly morning happiness in a cup of warm oatmeal.

While I generally have the same breakfast each season (yogurt and fruit in summer/warm seasons and oatmeal in cold seasons), I have begun to have a little fun every morning experimenting with new flavors. My absolute favorite cold weather breakfast is Dark Chocolate Oatmeal from Three Sisters. Starting the morning with dark chocolate is a heavenly satisfaction. It keeps me on track somehow from craving sweets throughout the day. As if I needed an added bonus!

Today’s indulgence was my favorite chocolate oatmeal infused with the sweetness of a La France pear. Mmmm!




Other great combinations include chocolate oatmeal and persimmon slices, chocolate oatmeal and figs, plain oatmeal and cinnamon sugar, and plain oatmeal with apple crumble on top.

There is nothing like a warm, full belly to start a crispy day!


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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