My Christmas Project


Procrastination is my often my foe but tonight, it has proven friend-worthy.

I’ve been working on a song for, say, a long time. This particular one is a Christmas song that I actually wrote about two years ago, but every time I got to work on it I would procrastinate and therefore never finished it. Then Christmas would end and that would be that, back in the sack for the following holiday season. This week, however, I’ve given it a little more thought and added some jingles. My goal is to finish it in time for this year’s Christmas!

That’ll be a wonderful gift to myself. The gift of accomplishment 🙂

And now to battle the thing I’ve been procrastinating most — bedtime! 10k tomorrow on a fractured foot but I shall prevail!

See you at the finish line 😀

You can hear the rough version of my song here


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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