A La Campagne – a morsel of France in chic Jiyugaoka

My second time to A La Campagne was as wonderful as the first. If a restaurant can deliver such happiness in two completely different circumstances, I am more than happy to call it a favorite. A La Campagne – you’ve earned my love.
The first time I visited A La Campagne was with my mother in September. We wanted a delicious, light meal in a pleasant atmosphere, perhaps followed by something sweet at the end. What we got was a scrumptious shared meal of fried seafood, pasta, and a mushroom crepe. Completed wonderfully with an apple crumble and nut tart. We left quite happily.

My second visit was not long ago with a group of college friends. Who would have thought we would one day reunite in Tokyo of all places, in a lovely little place above a patisserie. From our memories of Hawaii Club hula dance practices to shared college experiences, we had a lovely trip down memory lane. There were also the additions of current life, weather and other fun comments. The atmosphere of A La Campagne? Perfect for a lengthy evening catch-up and enjoyment of delicious food with old friends. I was really happy I’d chosen it as our venue, despite the change from the usual gathering place of an izakaya.

The plate I ordered was the one I’ve been thinking about for a while now – grilled vegetables and brown rice. Followed by the same tart I shared with my mom – double the dosage 🙂 I couldn’t help admire the night-time settings as well – tea candles and perfect lighting. And of course, my favorite touch of natural wood tables.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this quiet Jiyugaoka nook. Day or night, it’s a great space in which to relax with friends, family or loved ones. The food is superb. The desserts, drool worthy. The atmosphere, cozy with a touch of south-western style. The company, as great as the one you bring with you.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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