A fete on a Friday

Fete Cafe

Last Friday was my second visit to Fete Cafe in Okusawa / Jiyugaoka. A pleasantly short walk from home, I feel I should take more advantage of coming here. The atmosphere is cozy, familial – a tiny kitchen and dining area complete with homey decor, natural woods, pillows and scattered trinkets. My own little world – a Tokyo escape.

I’ve found lately that the importance of nooks and mini escapes within a big city is often forgotten. Without these little corners, we may feel very lost in the energy and bustle of every day. That’s a big reason of why I love cafe time. Time to write. Time to reflect. Time to breathe. A moment to be.

Ambiance set aside – Fete Cafe has a delicious menu, too. I ordered (for the second time) the lunch special featuring baked chicken and root vegetables. I didn’t regret it. I love places that serve real brown rice. There’s nothing like whole grains to make me and my insides happy. The great coffee didn’t hurt either 😉


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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