Disney Sea

Disney Sea – my adventures in Disneyland Tokyo Resort, Part 3.

Disney Sea is certainly a fun place. I find it to be a mix of Magic Kingdom, Epcot and MGM all in one. While there are fun rides (Indiana Jones, Raging Spirits, Tower of Terror…), there are also many wonderfully decorated areas to explore and see.

This time around, I went with several classmates to celebrate the victorious end of our first school quarter. The majority of the group decided to wait a lengthy line for Indiana Jones, while my adventurous friend and I went to single riders and then Journey to the Center of the Earth, all within the time it took the rest to finish their wait. Time well spent. I greatly enjoyed the two rides I’d never before done, and more importantly, spending time getting to know a really cool classmate.

Apart from rides and views, Disney Sea provides an interesting array of food (including seasonal fares) and entertainment. We settled on Cantina in the Mexican area for lunch. My friend ordered the Mickey Christmas special taco rice (only Christmas in the little tree-shaped nacho decoration and log roll cake dessert) and I had grilled tortillas that were surprisingly good. Other Disney Sea fares include crazy popcorn flavors – gotta try ’em all! Sea salt, strawberry, caramel, and curry, among others. I’ve tried all but the strawberry (unpleasant thoughts) on my many trips to Disney Sea and can attest to the fact that curry is shockingly good. In regards to entertainment, my classmate and I saw the Little Mermaid show. Although we were disappointed by the ending (what a prude Ariel is)- where Ariel decides she’s too content with her friends and family under the sea to go above and adventure – the show itself was really cool. It was mostly aerial acrobatics to seem as if characters were swimming. Very well done.

The last part of our wonderful day involved the Fantasia show on the lagoon. It was very beautiful – colors, fireworks and all the Disney stories brought to life on water. We had just finished shopping and were about to leave when it began. Lucky lucky. Speaking of shopping, the temptation was high – so many cute Christmas goods and character stuffed animals! I was somehow good and only bought a Christmas banner that I can reuse and a gingerbread Daisy magnet for my mom. Success.

All in all, Christmas at Disney Sea was a lovely affair. Thanks to my classmates for creating the event and coming along on such a cold yet sunny day! It was a blast. 😀


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