Adventures from Harajuku to Shibuya

Not too long ago, there was a rainy weekend afternoon. And I’m not talking about this past Saturday.

Our mission was one and only – to locate the Cheese Festa, pilfer large amounts of cheese, and roll home as any good cheese wheel could demonstrate.

Our adventures actually began slightly before the train to Harajuku, while waiting for friends over a soy latte and the world’s most delicious chocolate scone and walnut bread snack. Honestly. Delicious.

By 5pm, we had reached our destination. We were greeted at the door by staff and handed an information packet and tickets for each counter – 4 in all.

We began with a visit to the Miso Girls, who gave us miso soup with cheese at the bottom, a surprisingly tasty treat.

Next up, rum raisin cream cheese. A little too sweet yet surprisingly addictive.
The lines for each area were long but well worth the wait. Some tried to cut the line and I stopped them in their tracks. Ahem? The line is back there. I show no mercy when someone stands between me and my cheese samples.

Area B yielded a nice, albeit very strong, blue cheese. I almost didn’t want to finish it but we all know how this story ends. I love blue cheese crumbled in salads (spinach!) with cranberries and other sweet things to offset its strength  but by itself it can be overwhelming at times.

On to area C, where we picked up a tiny cube of pepper-jack cheese with a nice kick to it. By now I was a bit full, forgetting about the slice of mystery cheese we picked up prior to the cheesy miso soup at the entrance.

Yet one more to come – the Japanese goma (sesame) cheese wrapped in foil. This one I decided to pocket for future consumption. It’s still in my refrigerator due to forgetfulness and mixed reviews from two companions who tried it already (one – it was great! the other, not so good..)

We ended our Cheese Festa excursion with a 300 yen glass of wine, ensuing tipsy conversation, and 1500 yen worth of cheese shopping (life is not complete without a “veggie” drawer full of cheese and dark chocolate). I am now the proud stasher-for-future-consumption of goat cheese (just like my parents serve with endives at home), Camembert (in cute little circles), Philly cream cheese (for baking!) and (more) feta.

We made our way (tipsily) through the downpour to Kiddy Land, at my friend’s request.

Lo and behold – scary Furbies and character cuteness kingdom!

We finished the night at Genki Sushi in Shibuya. Mmm gesso tempura!

Creepy Furbies set aside, mission accomplished.


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