Afternoon Strolls in Tamagawa and Light-ups in Yokohama

Last Sunday (unlike yesterday, which was quite grey) was a beautiful day. We decided to go for brunch in Jiyugaoka, my favorite Junoesque Bagel Cafe, and to Robek’s Juice for an assignment I had to finish. At Robek’s, I had a berry latte that was reminiscent of melted iced cream – the Neapolitan of my childhood. It was good, just interesting.

Afterwards, we headed to Tamagawa River for a stroll in the late afternoon sun. It was our first time at the riverside park and we were really happy for the adventure and fresh air. It was a little chilly, so we couldn’t resist buying mulled wine and a biscotti from the little farmer’s tent set up next to the station. It tasted wonderfully like the holidays – a mix of spices and warmth.

After a relaxing and heartwarming time sitting on a bench, watching the sun setting over the river, we decided to stroll over to the end of the park, where we discovered a playground. Despite the fact an old lady eyed us questioningly, we enjoyed taking pictures with an educational hippo. Why educational? His insides were labelled in French, Spanish and English. It was cool comparing and contrasting the similarity of names in the three languages. Estómago. Estomac. Stomach.

We then headed to Yokohama to see the Smart Illuminations going on at the Elephant Terrace park (near the red brick warehouse area on the pier). People ran around in LED encrusted suits in the shape of an elephant in the park. We didn’t get to see the completed image (dinner reservations were calling!) but it was still cool to watch the formation.

Lastly, dinner at Sparta. Please see the review here.

It was a lovely, perfect Sunday afternoon in great autumn weather, with the best company of all.



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