Greek in Yokohama






On Sunday night, we indulged in a constant craving – Greek!

This summer in New York, I was a Greek food maniac. Sometimes I’d have all-Greek days, starting with Greek yogurt and fruit in the morning, eating at a Greek restaurant at lunch, and having those leftovers for dinner. It was wonderful.

Although it’s not right at my doorstep, the half hour to Yokohama was certainly worth it. We had a nice chilly walk past the red brick warehouse area, towards Kannai Station and through a lit passageway and small alley to find Sparta. The manager was waiting for us when we arrived.

Although many menu items looked great, we settled on sharing the Dolmadakia-Yalantzi (stuffed grapevine leaves), Horiatiki salad and Kotopoulo Kokinisto (oven-baked chicken in tomato sauce). The stuffed leaves were delicious though slightly different in flavor than I’d anticipated. The salad was huge (L size) and more than generously doused in olive oil (yet still light and refreshing somehow). Lastly, the chicken was incredible. It was extremely tender and the sauce filling yet not creamy.

We left quite happily full. The verdict? Head on over to Yokohama for great Greek food at Sparta!


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