A Whirlwind Birthday Weekend

This weekend was incredible. I owe it to my wonderful friends and lovely boyfriend.

When it comes to a day off, most people I know would rather relax and lazy around without a schedule.

My idea of a wonderful day is one filled with fun, exciting things – running around to do everything I want to do and then some surprises along the way.

Saturday had a kick-start with an impromptu 6.3k run around a chilly Jiyugaoka. I hadn’t slept well the night before so I needed a refresher to restart my mood.

All said and done, I took quite a while to get ready (gotta look great on your big day!) and put on my new dress from Lumine in Shinjuku. Polka dots and puffy skirt? Don’t mind if I do!

We then headed to Shibuya to drop by the Shibuya Festival (a collaboration of food stands and flea market fares) on the way to lunch in Omotesando / Aoyama area. Niccolai Bergmann’s Nomu was the lunch spot of choice.

The veggie/tofu wrap and Turkish Turkey sandwich were absolutely delicious.


A perfect Saturday meal – light and tasty. We then ventured to Meiji Shrine for some relaxing peacefulness and were met with the energy of a 七五三 event to celebrate children of the ages 7, 5 and 3. There were many little girls adorably dressed in traditional kimono and elegant hairstyles. Even a few little boys were in traditional wear.

Next, we made our way to Yoyogi Station to take the JR line to Shinano-machi for the Tokyo Design Week exhibition. The walk was longer than expected and pretty chilly but the crowded exhibition hall kept us warm. There were many very cool furniture and gadget designs on display. And a tasty soda bar that gave out drink samples (yum grapefruit soda!) There were also a great deal of modern art booths – I can’t say I’m a fan of modern art, partly because it doesn’t visually appeal to me and partly because I don’t understand it (and often don’t want to). I am however a fan of traditional paintings and sculpture – the MET in NYC is one of my favorite places in the city (the MoMa on the other hand…)

At the design exhibition, we met up with a friend to enjoy live music by Pia No Jac in an air dome with light show on the inside, and also munched on Hawaiian tacos (whatever those are). As the sun started to fade, we took off toward Shibuya and walked to Ebisu for a pre-dinner coffee at the station.


My birthday dinner was held at M&L Aloha Table in Ebisu. The Hawaiian music was welcoming and the decor was very relaxing. Although they rushed us in to starting before half of the party had arrived, it all worked out in the end. We were relocated to another room when my last friend arrived and the inattentive waitress made it easy to order multiple drinks at once despite the glass exchange rule for our nomihodai. Score. Blue Hawaiis are tasty.

The night ended with dancing for a while at my favorite club and hopping on the last train home.

To all those who made it so wonderful — thank you so much! ❤


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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