Happy Halloween!

One last call: Happy Halloween!

It is finally Halloween but I feel like I’ve been celebrating forever. Frankly, I’m quite nearly over it… but one more day and then it’ll really feel like time for November!
The last of the celebrations began last night with Halloween baking. Well really, despite finding dozens of cute Halloween-y dessert recipes online, I decided to go for something simple that could be decorated with a Halloween theme. And, because of the anticipated temptation of several other candy and sweets throughout the day, I chose to go with a low-calorie version of a classic treat: extra chocolately brownies. With pumpkin gummies and gummy worms on top. Wah-la. Halloween in a mouthful.

The brownies turned out much better than expected as I was making them. While the mixture seemed a little runny, it turned into a hearty brownie, nearly fudgey, and true to the walnuts added they have a deliciously nutty flavor. We even managed to evade disaster with a mid-cooking run to the supermarket on the corner for the forgotten non-fat milk. Success. I’ve already delivered two to my friends (gummy worms by request) and I’m happy to see them enjoy the Halloween goodies.

While the brownies were in the oven, it was time to attack the pumpkin that’s been sitting in my kitchen for a while. Literally attack. Some people call it carving. It turned out pretty cute though my room now smells of old pumpkin.

Preceding this culinary adventure, I happened to get a shot of a lingering Halloween-inspired dessert promotion. At 730 yen a slice, the pumpkin should be coated in gold, but hey, being fashionable comes at a price.


And now it’s officially Halloween! I had a lovely (not) evening of bad dreams – if not at Halloween, when else are they appropriate?? But now after a yummy breakfast and morning marketing presentation, I’m good to go! I had a little fun with my chocolate oatmeal this morning by adding a pumpkin gummy and gummy worm from the brownie-making last night. The gummy worm melted into the oatmeal as I prepped, resulting in a shockingly sweet surprise as I dug my spoon in and took a bite. Yehhh. The rest, however, was perfect.

Happy Halloween!


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