Coffee House Noise

I knew I liked cafes for a reason, and it isn’t just the delicious lattes and caffeine buzz.

It’s the silent buzz of chatter mixed with comfortably audible music (selection reflecting the taste of the store manager and usually a great way to discover, remember or just enjoy  — the best background music in cafes often involves jazz, 90s flashbacks and alternative / indie). The occasional cackle or loud gossip voice often breaks the serenity and I throw a threatening glance in the direction from which it came. Then I snuggle back into a cozy armchair or wooden chair and continue my work. Usually writing. Previously studying, until I phased it out. Sometimes reading. These days, mostly thinking, journaling, reflecting. Writing lyrics. Wondering why I haven’t been more productive in my writing. Being entangled in thought.

Essentially, that’s the point. As this article points out, the chatter and gentle noise of cafes is the best catalyst for thought. I always knew I loved the ambiance of cafes and cute little shops but I couldn’t quite place why. It’s my favorite thing – escaping to a new cafe for lunch or for a mid-afternoon break. It’s more than just being a foodie and loving to try new things. It’s more than the experience. It’s the state of mind. When I find these places, I find peace and a space to think creatively. That’s what it’s all about.



What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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