A little fact adventure for your noggin

I’ve been asked many times and never quite had the proper answer:
What is traditional Argentinean food?

Alas, I’ve rediscovered this bookmarked link amidst the mess of all the other things I’ve flagged as interesting, tasty or otherwise appealing.

Feel free to explore!

Some highlights for those with limited time and interest:

Some of the best food you’ll ever eat– empanadas!
I love making them at home with my mom. My favorite ones are probably basic ground beef filling, but I’m also a fan of spinach & raisin, and chicken.

my mom’s

Argentinean pizza.. I don’t know what makes it so darn good but really, it’s amazing. It must be the thinner crust and choice of cheese with herbs and green olives.. but honestly any time I smell them I drool and remember childhood.

Medialunas – or croissants. No childhood memory is complete without cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and medialunas. Yes, I had coffee as a child. It was amazing.

Alfajores – my kryptonite. I still cannot get over the combination of smooth Argentinean dulce de leche (caramel) and the softness of the wafer surrounding it.. then coated with a light layer of coconut.

Other bits of deliciousness include dulce de leche and fruit gelatos, juicy steaks and massive salads. I couldn’t put these pictures up for fear of eating my computer. It’s almost lunch time!



2 thoughts on “A little fact adventure for your noggin

    • thank you!
      Empanadas are as expensive as what you stuff them with. Beef would be a little more expensive than spinach.
      As for the dough, you can make it yourself or buy it premade. However you prepare empanadas, they aren’t too expensive and make many to enjoy!

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