Happiness is a Greek Salad


A rainy evening wasn’t enough to keep us from finally visiting Addis in Toritsu-Daigaku. It was only a 20 minute walk away and 100% worth braving the chilly weather.

The minute we arrived, the Ethiopian owner greeted us warmly, welcoming us for the first time. He chatted with us throughout the evening, sharing stories about his 18 years in Tokyo.

The dish selection decision was a difficult one — everything sounded delicious. But, given my constant Greek salad craving, we selected a large Greek salad and the veggie/hummus/pita/felafel dish to share. All excellent choices.

The salad was strangely reminiscent of something from my childhood. It must have been the herbs mixed in with the dressing and cheese that reminded me of an Argentinean olive pizza of my childhood. Regardless, it was amazing.

Next, the mixed plate. The hummus, veggies and pita were as delicious as I’d anticipated. However, the felafel was the true winner. I’ve never quite craved felafel or had much appreciation for it but this one was amazing. Little bites of flavor burst. So good!

I hadn’t expected to feel so full. Happily so, we were just about to request the check and venture home when the owner offered us wine. We didn’t’ have to hesitate much before accepting. Half an hour later, we were really ready to go, at which point we received more wine! After a lovely chat with the owner again, we finally left just short of 10 pm.  A much later night than anticipated but a wonderful adventure. I even joked with the owner about not being able to make it home after those two glasses and he said next time he wants to see what three glasses will do. Haha, classy.

The conclusion is: Addis in Toritsu-daigaku is delicious. I can’t wait to go back and try the chicken kebobs, tofu lasagna, and wild rice paella.


What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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