Halloween Around Town

It’s one week til the big day and even less for the celebrations to begin.
In the course of these past two months, I have seen quite the collection of Halloween decor lingering around Tokyo. From outdoor decorations to sneaky little flourishes, Halloween can be found almost everywhere. It’s curious how much attention is drawn to a holiday without any understanding of where it came from or facts about its past. Well, I suppose even in western countries we don’t all know the history of Halloween all that well. The only things we need to know are that dressing up is fun, Halloween is exciting, and there is a whole lot of candy to be enjoyed!




The newest addition to my bathroom.

That’s right, Tom & Jerry Halloween toilet paper.





Cute decor outside a restaurant in Shimo-Kitazawa





More nice decorations – this time outside a restaurant / event space in Shibuya.





Special Halloween menus are definitely in fashion. I’ve seen everything from pancakes to sandwiches to cakes to super ice cream cakes from Ben and Jerry’s in Omotesando.





And finally, some more Halloween cuteness.







Happy halloween!


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