Life in a big city is not complete without little pockets and nooks to escape to.

My newest discovery is one of indescribable happiness — Hawaiian food, salads, incredible tropical drinks and fun, relaxed atmosphere – located in the nice neighborhood of Nakameguro.

Welcome to Aloha Table.



but specifically, the appetizer platter of ahi poke, salmon&avocado, garlic shrimp, and chicken is very good.

the steamed chicken and tomato pho makes for a perfect alternative to chicken noodle soup on a cold day.

the terriyaki-ginger sauce chicken was incredibly delicious.

the cobb salad can be personalized — kalua pig, avocado and salmon, anyone?

Drinks — here is where I got terribly excited.

kona coffee soy milkshake

blue hawaii frozen cocktail

blue wave beers

white sangria

and other tempting choices.




What are you thinking? Let me know :)

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